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Swedex examinations in Iran by Swedworks

Iran recognized Swedex in Oct 2014.

Honorable visit of Swedish Ambassad at Swedex test in Iran.

Swedish language examinations (SWEDEX) in Iran

Swedex was recognized by the Iranian authorities in November 2014 and is arranged in Iran exclusively by Swedworks International.

Next test date

For upcoming test date in Iran please refer to one of the following webpages: (in Farsi) (in English)

What is Swedex

Swedex is a unique, internationally viable Swedish language exam designed by Folkuniversitetet. It relates to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the European Council’s level scale for language learning.

Swedex is approved by the government body the Swedish Institute (SI) and can be taken irrespective of how you have learnt Swedish. Swedex certificate provides a fairer ground for assessments in many different areas, such as at recruitments and quality assurance.

Swedex in Iran

Swedex was recognized by the Iranian authorities NOET* in October 2014 and exclusive authorization was given to the Swedworks International. The first test was arranged in April 2015 and Swedworks has been holding tests since on a regular basis, under the supervision of NOET.

NOET writes in the recognition letter: “NOET welcomes this initiative to embrace the language and culture of other countries and due to the needs and interests of the citizens of Iran. NOET announces its willingness to cooperate with Swedworks International in arranging the exams in Iran”.

The website is the information channel for the Iranian people about Swedex examinations in Iran. The website was launched in November 2014 by Swedworks International who has the responsibility for the operation and the content of the website.

For more information: (in Farsi) (in English and Swedish)


*NOET stands for “THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR EDUCATIONAL TESTING” — (in Persian: Sazmané Sanjeshé Amuzeshé Keshvar), the government body responsible for the international language exams in Iran.