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Swedish language for healthcare professionals

who want to reach the language level C1 in order to get licence to practice from Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare) in Sweden

Swedish Language and Culture

Swedworks AB is the official agent of Folkuniversitetet ISU Programs in Lund for recruiting students and for processing the student residence permit application (formerly called study visa). Many students apply on their own and get rejected due to insufficient applications. We can turn those rejections to positive decisions in most cases.

The language course at Folkuniversitetet ISU is not considered as university studies and therefore the application process is somewhat special. Swedworks has been specializing on processing these applications for Folkuniversitetet ISU students since 2012.

Student residence permit processing in Sweden

Formerly called study visa

Swedworks AB offers a complete service for medical staff who aim to participate in the Swedish language course (Swedish Language & Culture, One Year Academic) at Folkuniversitetet ISU in Lund, Sweden. The service includes:


Assessment of your education degree from the Socialstyrelsen

Admission and tuition

Admission to the One Year Academic Swedish language course in Sweden (tuition fee is covered)

Medical insurance

Valid medical insurance (fully-comprehensive covering up to 30,000 euro), accepted by Migrationsverket

Application processing

Application processing of student residence permit in Sweden to the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).

Depending on what stage you are and how far in the process you have gone the price might differ.

Please send us your inquiry for an offer. 

Have you got a rejection?

Please contact us and ask for a quick assessment of your case. In most cases we can turn it to positiv decision.

Please send us your inquiry for an offer. 

About the Intensive Swedish Language Course in Lund

One Year Academic

The Swedish Language and Culture program is a full-time program (around 30 academic hours per week) with instructions mainly in Swedish. Some lectures are conducted in English. The Swedish Language and Culture program leads up to the advanced fluency level (C1), which is required, for instance, by Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare). It is also needed for working life in general or admission to Swedish universities.

More about the language course on Folkuniversitetet ISU website

Why applying through Swedworks?

We are the official agentfor Folkuniversitetet ISU in Lund, helping their applicants who need student residence permit. We are specialists in the Swedish immigration regulations for studies and work permit processing.

What if the student residence permit is rejected?

Swedworks guarantees to obtain the admission to the course and to submit a complete and correct application for the student residence permit. However the final decision is made by the Swedish immigration office. If the rejection depends on the lack of our engagement we will refund all your money. If the rejections depends on lack of information from you (if you forget or let alone to tell us important information or not provide necessary documents we will withdraw 20% of the amount and will refund the rest of money to you).

About the Course

The Swedish Language and Culture program is a full-time program (around 30 academic hours per week) with instructions mainly in Swedish and a few lectures in English. The program is conducted in Sweden and leads up to the advanced fluency level needed for working life or admission to Swedish universities.
The Academic One Year Program consists of the following courses:

  • Swedish language
  • Swedish culture and history (IN ENGLISH)
  • Swedish for medical staff (starting from the second month)


The program is divided into eight courses. The program starts on beginner level and ends on advanced fluency level (C1), needed for admission to Swedish universities.


Certificate of Acceptance
Applicants who have been accepted to any ISU program will receive the official Certificate of Acceptance which needs to be attached to the visa application.


Cancellation / Refunds
The admission fee is non-refundable. In case of cancellation by the applicant after the tuition fee is paid the rules of ISU governs. See here for the rules.


About the Teachers
Our teachers are highly qualified native speakers, well-educated and experienced with working with foreign students. They are often consulted by Swedish authorities and institutions for development of syllabuses, tests and new ways of teaching. Some of our teachers have written popular course literature for “Swedish for foreign students” courses, which is used both in Sweden and abroad. Our students’ qualifications and needs shape our teaching and learning methods.
Focus is on the communicative part of language learning, but we also believe that a good language education should have its foundation in rules and structure. The classes in Swedish are held in Swedish from day one and the classes in English are held in English from day one.


Participants who successfully complete a course or program receive a certificate of attendance and an academic transcript. Each course of 50 lecture hours is considered equivalent to 3 semester credits in the American higher education system. Over 200 universities and colleges around the world have accepted our courses for credit.