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Student Residence Permit Processing to the Swedish Language Course for Foreign Healthcare Professionals

This course is customized for foreign medical professionals who seek to reach the language level C1 in order to get licence to practice from Socialstyrelsen  (The National Board of Health and Welfare) in Sweden. The course is arranged by Folkuniversitetet ISU in Lund who has outsource the admission process and student residence permit processing to Swedworks AB.  


Foreign healthcare professionals who intend to work in Sweden (as doctors, dentist, nurses etc) need to obtain a “License to Practice” from the Swedish authorities. One of the requirements is to have advanced level of knowledge in the Swedish language. The Swedish Language and Culture program leads up to the advanced fluency level (C1), which is required, for instance, by Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare). It is also needed for academic and working life in Sweden in general. 


Student residence permit processing in Sweden

Formerly called study visa

Swedworks AB is a Swedish company and the official partner of Folkuniversitetet ISU in Lund for handling the admission process and the student residence permit processing for all non-EU applicants.


We provide a complete service for medical staff who aim to participate in the Swedish Language and Culture course (One Year Academic) at Folkuniversitetet ISU in Lund, Sweden. The service includes:



Assessment of your foreign education degree by the Socialstyrelsen*
* If You already have a positive decision from Socialstyrelsen, you will receive a discount from us. Please refer to the price list.

Admission and tuition

Admission to the One Year Academic Swedish language course in Sweden (tuition fee is covered)

Medical insurance

Valid medical insurance (fully-comprehensive covering up to 30,000 euro), accepted by Migrationsverket

Application processing

Application processing of student residence permit in Sweden to the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).


  • You apply at the website of Folkuniversitetet ISU.
  • Your application will be forwarded to us and we will contact you by email.


How to apply? 

You apply at the website of Folkuniversitetet ISU. Your application will then be forwarded to us at Swedworks and we will take contact with you by email. If you haven’t heard anything from us please check your spam box. If you still do not find any email from us within two working days, please send an email to us (


About the Intensive Swedish Language Course in Lund

 Please read about the details of the course at the website of Folkuniversitetet ISU.


About Swedworks?

It is no longer possible to do the admission to Folkuniversitet ISU in Lund and proceed with the student residence permit on your own.  Folkuniversitetet ISU in Lund has outsource the management and handling of both admission process and the student residence permit processing for all non-EU applicants to Swedworks. The reason is to make sure that the application for student residence permit is done in a correct way and to secure the number of participants. Also, Folkuniversitetet ISU cannot help in the matter of residence permit for studies since they are a school and the subject is out of their core business. 


We at Swedworks AB are specialists in the Swedish immigration processing (work and residence permit) with years of experience and a proven record of successful cases. Swedworks AB is certified by the Sweidsh Migrations Agency (Migrationsverket) for work and residence permit processing.

What if the student residence permit is rejected?

Swedworks guarantees to obtain the admission to the course and to submit a complete and correct application for the student residence permit. However the final decision about the student residence permit is made by the Swedish immigration office. Depending on the reason of the rejection we have different policys which are described in the contract.

About the Course

Please read about the details of the course at the website of Folkuniversitetet ISU.