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Immigration Processing in Sweden

Seamless transition to Sweden


Relocating to another country is an exciting step. but it is also a challenging one, especially when it comes to the necessary paperwork and other formalities.


Swedworks mission has always been to ease the transition for our clients and relieve them of the many tedious and difficult issues related to the application of a residence permit.


Since 2011 we have successfully helped thousands professionals and their family members seamlessly relocate to Sweden. 

we can help you too!

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Work Permit in Sweden

Save time and avoid unpleasant consequences of wrongly submitted applications.

As an individual from outside EU (employee)
You have a job offer from a Swedish company and need a work permit in Sweden.

As a company in Sweden (employer)
You have spotted skilled labor from outside EU and intend to bring them to Sweden. we manage the entire process for you.

We provide professional help with the work permit processing to both the employer and the employee.