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Work & Residence Permits in Sweden

Our Expertise Since 2010

It should be easy to relocate to Sweden! But unfortunately, it's not.

We know how frustrating it is to get through all the bureaucracy, regulations and paperwork for a work and residence permit application.

Since 2010 we have helped thousands of individuals to relocate and helped hundreds of companies to bring their international employees to Sweden.  Let us help you!

Limited Time Offer

The Fastest Way to The Swedish Job Market

  • Resi­dence permit up to 9 months
  • For highly educated persons
  • To look for work or start a busi­ness in Sweden
Job seeking 9 months residence permit for highly educated people to come to Sweden to look for job or start a business

Our Services

Work Permit Proccesing

Application processing in Sweden for both employers and employees. Full coverage of the entire process

Jobs in Sweden

Looking for a job in Sweden?

9 Months Job Seeking Visa   

For high educated people from outside EU, to find a job or start business in Sweden 

Immigration Consultation

For those who need to consult with a professional about the immigration issues

Permanent Residence Permit

Time for extension of your current permit and apply for permanent? 

Expat Insurance

Compliant insurance for expats in Sweden. Suitable for employees waiting for tax registration in Sweden, for students and more 


  • The fees are different depending on which service you are requesting. Normally we apply fixed prices with clear invoices. Please check the page for Pricing. 

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