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Unlock Sweden

Your Gateway to Opportunities Awaits! 

Graduated with an advanced degree?

  • Dive into the Swedish job market at record speed!
  • Secure a residence permit for up to 9 months, tailor-made for the highly educated.
  • Whether you’re job hunting or launching your own venture, Sweden’s doors are wide open for you. 


Why Opt for This Choice?

Get Ahead in Sweden’s Job Market:


  • Preferred Hiring:

    Swedish companies prioritize candidates already in Sweden.

  • Quick Start:

    Begin working as soon as you secure a job.

  • Skip the Wait:

    No more waiting for a work permit!

Seamless Visa Journey to Sweden:

Your Stress-Free Pathway Begins Here!

At Swedworks, we’ve got your journey to Sweden covered from start to finish.

Our comprehensive job seeking visa service takes care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Expert guidance for document collection
  • Hassle-free purchase of comprehensive health insurance
  • Efficient submission of your application to authorities
  • Timely payment of application fees to authorities
  • Continuous follow-up until a decision is reached
  • Personalized advisory throughout the entire process


Don’t miss out on your Swedish dream – take the first step today!


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Standare Price: 3 900 Euro

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seeking Visa

Sweden introduced this new type of temporary residence permit (commonly known as Job Seeking Visa) in 2022 for  people from countries outside EU/EES with higher education to come to Sweden for looking for employment or for starting a business. 


The reason behind introducing this new residence permit is the long waiting time for work permit applications.

Normally when a person from outside EU/EES finds a job in Sweden the person must apply for a work permit while outside Sweden and sometimes wait up to 9 months before receiving a decision to enter Sweden. 

Start working as soon as you find a job

With this residence permit, you can already come to Sweden and start looking for jobs or for starting a business. As soon as you find a job or decide to start a new business, you can quite immediately get to work.

You only have to file a new application for a work permit or for running a business. As soon as the application is submitted you can start working. 

What we offer

Swedworks offers to administrate the entire application process for this new type of residence permit and help you all the way to Sweden. 

For How Long?

Between 3 to 9 months.

For Whom?

People with a higher education.

To be eligible for the job seeking visa, applicants need to have either:

  • a degree corresponding to at least a 60-credit Master’s degree,
  • or a 120-credit Master’s degree, a professional degree worth 60-330 credits,
  • or a postgraduate/PhD-level degree.

For What

To search for a job or start your own business in Sweden

What are the requirements?

Besides the higher education as explained above, you have to submit:

  • copies of any examination certificates,
  • copies of the official transcript of your academic record,
  • bank statements that show you have enough money to support yourself during the time in Sweden and enough money to pay for your journey home.
  • a comprehensive health insurance (we help you with this).