Swedworks process


You do not commit to anything until the payment is finalized. The application process consists of several steps.
Please read the instructions thoroughly.

Step 1
Fill out the registration form
Follow the button below “Continue the Registration” and submit the application form.

  • By submitting this form you are assumed to be aware of the price list.
  • You need to have a valid email.
  • You have to attach a copy of your passport (and your co-applicants’ passport, if any).
  • You have to attach a copy of the approval letter from Socialstyrelsen (if any) or a copy of your diploma certificate for the university education.
Step 2
We perform a quick assessment if you are eligible and in that case to which program intake.
Step 3
If you are eligible, we will send you a quotation (offer) along with the terms and conditions of the offer.
Step 4
When you sign the offer letter (“Terms & Conditions”) it will become a legal contract. Please email a digital copy of it back to us and we will reserve a temporary seat for you in our list of admissions.
Step 5
The seat is reserved in your name for 10 days. Please finalize the payment using the banking information in the offer letter and email us a copy of the proof of the payment.
Step 6
Once the payment is visible in our bank account we will complete the admission to the school and start your process for student residence permit. We will keep you informed during the process.

Swedworks process