frequently asked questions



What do you offer?
We offer the logistics for bringing medical professionals to Sweden to study the Swedish language in fast paste. The service includes:
    • Residence permit for one year in Sweden
    • Swedish language course for one year in Sweden
Who can apply?
The service we provide is ONLY available for healthcare practitioners (medical staff) who are citizens of a country outside EU/EE and have been educated in or outside EU/EEA and who intend to move to Sweden in order to obtain their license to practice in their occupation in Sweden.
Which professionals can apply?
If your profession is on this list then you may apply to the program. The list of 22 professions.



Can my family follow with me?
Yes, your spouse and your children (under the aga of 18) can accompany you for the same period as you. We will submit the application for you and your family at the same time.



Can I work during this one year in Sweden?
No. The residence permit is a special type of permit for study language only. You or your co-applicants are not allowed to work during this period.
What is the pathway for me to work in my profession in the healthcare?
Foreign healthcare professionals (please see the list of 22 professions here) who intend to work in their profession in Sweden must obtain a “license to practice” in Sweden (so called “Legitimation” in Swedish). The title of these professions is protected, and you can only start working when you have obtained your license to practice. The process of obtaining the license to practice differs somewhat depending on your profession and on where you have been educated (within or outside the EU/EEA). The process for each group is described here.
But the common pre-requisite for all is to have their foreign education assessed by the Swedish authorities and to learn Swedish up to the advanced level of C1.



How long is the language program and the residence permit?
The language program is 11,5 months and the residence permit is for 12 months. You get the permit to enter Sweden a few days before the course start to have time to settle.
How difficult is the language program?
The program is a full-time program and consists of 800 teaching hours for one year. It is a very intensive program with fast paste. The goal is to reach the advanced level C1 which is required by the authorities in Sweden. It requires strong commitment and full focus from the participants.
Where is the language program held?
Currently the courses are held in the southeast of Sweden, in the city of Lund.



What are the chances of being granted a residence permit?
We perform a pre-analysis of your education documents before offering you our service. The success rate if over 97%. Those cases that are rejected have mostly depend on the information that the applicant has not shared with us.
Is the applicant or the co-applicants allowed to work during this residence permit?
The applicant or the co-applicants are not allowed to work during this one-year residence in Sweden, because the purpose of this one year in Sweden is to focus on learning the language at a fast pace.



How do I apply for the course?
You apply by clicking on the button “Get Started” on the top side of our website or in the main menu. You fill out in a simple form. When you submit this form you will receive an automated email which a link to the proper page on our website with information about how to proceed.
How long does the application process take?
It depends on where you have been educated and whether you have an approval letter from the Swedish authorities.



What does the prices include?
Please visit the page Pricing for the details of the content of our service.
Why are prices differ for different courses?
From time to time, we run different pricing campaigns with different kind of discounts. This makes the price differ for different courses.
How long in advance should I register and pay?
Please see the section for Registration for details.
What is the payment procedure?
If you are eligible to apply, you will receive an offer letter from us along with detailed Terms & Conditions of the Service. In this document, the general terms, payment terms, refunding terms and some other terms are outlined.
You agree to the offer by signing and returning it to us. Once you sign the offer letter, it will be considered as a contract.
When we receive the signed offer letter from you, we will reserve a seat for you in the language program for 10 days. You must finalize the payment within these 10 days to keep your seat.
When the payment has settled in our bank account you will receive a confirmation from us and we will finalize your seat and will consequently start your process.
Can I pay in installments?
No. Our policy does not allow that. The full payment must be finalized in advance. We have clear refund policy for each scenario that might lead to a refund (cancellation, rejection etc). Please see the section for Refund.



Are you a legitimate company? How can we trust you?
Check the section About Swedworks.



Do we receive a social security number (personnummer)?
The applicant and the co-applicants have a chance (but it is not certain or promised by us) to receive a social security number (personnummer) only if you all arrive on the first day of your residence permit and visit the Tax Office on the very first day and bring all necessary documents (we will inform you on the necessary documents). However, the main applicant will always be guaranteed to receive a temporary personnummer (so called Samordningsnummer).