Shortage list

Sweden for doctors/nurses/dentists

Sweden is a great opportunity for healthcare practitioners like doctors, nurses, dentists and some other medical professions to have the chance to work in Sweden in their own field. These medical titles should obtain the

Swedish License to Practice (Legitimation) to be allowed to start working in Sweden. As one of the very first qualifications to obtain this license, you should reach the advance level of C1 in Swedish language.


Sweden shortage list for healthcare practitioners/medical profession

Sweden is in high demand for the medical staff like doctors, nurses, dentist and some other healthcare professions. If you are educated in one the eligible medical titles, you may have chance to undergo practicing your profession in Sweden and experience a better career prospect.

In order to benefit from this opportunity, you need to acquire the License to Practice from the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden (Socialstyrelsen). You need to have enough Swedish fluency up to level C1 to be able to apply for this Legitimation.