Easy Path to Sweden For Medical Staff



One-year Swedish Language Program + One-year Residence Permit in Sweden.




    • Are you a healthcare professional (doctor, dentist, nurse or any other of these 22 professions)?
    • Were you educated within or outside the EU/EEA?
    • Do you want to work in your profession in Sweden? 



There is a huge shortage of healthcare professionals in Sweden. 

We can bring you to Sweden for one year to study the Swedish language in a special program that is available and tailor-made ONLY for forign healthcare professionals.   



    • If you intend to work in your profession in Sweden, you must obtain a license to practice first.
    • The first requirement for getting a license is to learn the Swedish language at advanced level (C1).
    • The language program for foreign healthcare practitioners helps you to reach that level.   




No previous knowledge in the Swedish language is required

Seamless process. We handle the entire process on your behalf. 

You family members may come with you*

*Spouse and children under the age of 18

Swedish Language & Culture for Medical Staff

Why This Program and Why Folkuniversitetet

There are over 20 occupations within healthcare for which the working titles are protected in Sweden. Healthcare practitioners who want to work in Sweden may need to obtain a license. The common prerequisite for all these occupations is knowledge of Swedish language at advanced level (C1).

The program is called “Swedish Language & Culture for Medical Staff” and after 10 years has proven to be a unique and comprehensive language method for healthcare professionals who seek fast progress in the language learning.

The program is arranged by Sweden’s better-known adult school Folkuniversitetet. The school has more than three decades experience in arranging language courses. The teachers are professional teachers who are also the writers of the books they use. Some of them are advisors to the Swedish government in language related issues.

This program is customized for foreign medical professionals who seek to reach the language level C1 in order to obtain licence to practice from The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in Sweden.


The program is called “Swedish Language & Culture for Medical Staff”


It is arranged by Sweden’s largest adult education association Folkuniversitetet.


The unit in charge of arranging the program is called Folkuniversitetet ISU.


The program is a full-time intensive academic one-year program.


There are currently 5 course starts per year.


It starts at the beginner level (A1) and ends at advanced fluency level (C1).


No previous language skills are required.


It currently takes place in the south west cities of Sweden, Malmö and Lund.


People from countries outside EU/EEA need normally residence permit for studies in order to attend the course (see further down for details about the process of residence permit).


Healthcare professionals who were educated in or outside EU/EEA need to reach the C1-level in their path to obtain license to practise in Sweden.


After finishing the course there are different path for them to reach the Swedish license to practise in Sweden, but the language requirement is the same.

Your path to license to practise in Sweden

Depending on where You have been educated (within or outside the EU) the path will be different. Please follow these links to our Knowledge-Base: